The dawn of a new age fast approaches.
The time has come at last when the wheels of war shall turn anew,
the earth shall tremble and be churned to dust under the
fevered footsteps of mighty armies, and all mankind shall flee
or stand against the rushing tide.
The fires of hell shall rain down from the skies, the legions of the
damned shall scourge all life from the land, and a great
kingdom shall fall beneath the press of sword and flame.
I have seen this in my dreams, and I know that the time has finally

I am Medivh.

Once I was the last guardian against the clawing rage
of the Great Dark Beyond, once the sole savior of mankind.
No more. All shall be consumed by darkness and shadow, and the
silence of death shall settle over the blasted lands of Azeroth.

The Age of Chaos is at hand.